It's time to think about college life.

Yes, I'm senior 1 a.k.a form 4 right now. I'm starting to worry about my academic. I'm study in a chinese school, we study hard to get a Uec certificate, but is it works in Malaysia? Most of the college/university in m'sia only accept the spm result. sobs! I'm taking Spm too, but as well-know my bahasa malaysia's kinda poor. What if I failed the BM subject in spm? The certificate can straigh away throw in the rubbish bin :(

Last saturday, my school hold on the careers exhibition. I went and grab all the leaflets. (I'm like crazy :x haha) There's tons of college and university to choose. But, I can only choose college I guess. :D INTI, Taylors, Raffles, U.C.T.I, Sunway University/College, Berjaya University/College, MIA, Segi, The One Academy, Saito and etc.

Awww..I'm kinda interested with the jewellery design courses in Raffles. Here's most of the design college :)( Raffles, Saito, Dasein, The One Academy)

INTI, Sunway University/College, MIA, SEGI. (too bad, I didn't get any from Taylors. :| ) Segi college looks nice too, especially the Kota Damansara Campus.

And hell yeah, sure I'll grab some papers about Make-up or Hospitality :D

I'm thinking to be a flight attendant, but is it I'm qualified enough? Just check about some of the requirement and information about flight attendant. I must be speak in fluent english and bahasa malaysia in MAS Airline. But, how about SIA? And, I must know how to swim! (Omg, I didn't learn to swim before. ) And sure I pass the height, because the minimum height only 157cm, but I'm 170cm -.- haaahh :) Its a benefits for me maybe?

Arghh.. whatever. I might think too far. Stopp :) hehh.. Btw, follow me in twitter guys :p VillLicious

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