Newyear New Stuff!

Fewdays more, it is 2011! Where to celebrate this coming year? Im waiting someone to invite me. ahaaa ;) So, lets back to the topic today. I've already bought my newyear clothes and accesories!
Top - Catchup
Pants - 2pm.com
Top - Asian Avenue
Pants - Nichii
Dress - Nichii
Top - Asian Avenue
Necklace - Forever 21
Gel Eye Liner - Cybercolour
Lipstick - Idk what brand is it ;)

Those new stuff I kinda like. hehee. Especially the new gel eyeliner, nice! How about you? Show me your newyear clothes! Just stop work at sunway, Imma prepare to reopen school. Ohhhmygosh, my haircolour D; Ciaoozz.

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Catchup ;)

Let's Catch up together! I currently working in Sunway Pyramid Catch up Boutique ;) Visit me as soon as you can, because im going quit this job at 28th. It's school reopening again! Arghhhh!

Share some photos here about my colleague..peace! I'll miss you all, especially Racheal.
She's Rachael..

Suddenly feel to blog somethings in this lonely midnight, going Christmas, everybody is talking about where to celeb this christmas. But I decide to back home, join my house first christmas celebration. Not going any clubs.. :) Hope ya have your own happy christmas.

Newyear, new dream, new boyfriend! Lol! erheeeemm ;D

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My hearts heels ♥

Feel to intro my baby heels in this post. There are four heels is my favourite, I didn't wear usually.. Because I scare I'll spoil the heels. Lols.. But I gonna show you all my love, although Im tall, but I still in love with heels, they are so attractive.

The number one in my heart is this, bought it from Charles & Keith . I just bought it 2 weeks ago, still looks new. My lovee ;D

Here's my number two, I got few months didn't wear it. Because I'll looks like a giant if I wear this D; So I don't dare to wear it.. Lmaoo. Bought it from The Shoes Obssesion.

The top three is here, I like this shoes, but Im kinda lazy to wear this.. Need to tied up only I can walk..So I just love the design..heheee ;) Bought it from The Shoes Obssesion too.

Last, I love this design too..But I don't know why it looks like too tight somethings. Bought it from Aeon. ;D

They are my passion and im in love with it Can't wait to bought another new heels, but heels are always expensive..Fml ;(

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New blogskin new year ;)

So fast and so far, it is December of 2010. And I changed a new skin for my lovely blog, give me some comment about this layout yea. I really wish someone can give me comment..Lol..

Im going grow older, the next february is my sisteen birthday. Still planning how to celebrate, I hope all my friends can celeb with me, I love present and suprise! Heeheee ;D

Few more mins, it is december..Im waiting for the Christmas, where to hang out? Someone date me? Lol..I got a long term didn't went Genting, lets go Genting?

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Lollipop ALL-BLACK Party @ Mist

The first time I went Mist. It is Lollipop ALL-BLACK Party. Saw alot people wear in black, but I wear blue. Lol :D Mist Club@ Bangsar , not really big and not small at all. But yesterday was so squeezy, feels like Hamburger Party! LMAO. Because all the party people keep on hitting each other. But the M.C and D.J was quite nice! I experiemented different feels, and met alot handsome and pretty ;) Hope to go again!

Entrance ;D
See, so squeezy!
Two Chivas and one Black Label. ;)
The Mist
Us. Ferlyn and Me.
Party people! Stay turned ;)

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Mable's Nineteen Birthday aka My Dear Sister.

We are absolutely sister!
November 24th it is my sister birthday. We went Drangon-I celebrate her birthday just now ;-) My brother paid and bought cake for her, but I didnt get her anythings. Opppss* Sorry sis, forgive me. :x
The Dragon-I promoter. LOL
I kinda love this picture ;D
Me,Sieter and Brother! We're always 3 :D
Xiu Long Bao!
Peace .
Anyway, Happy Nineteen Birthday My Beloved Sister. :D

Pangkor post upcoming ;) Stay turned!

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Pangkor here I come ;)

Aim going Pulau.Pangkor with my Junior 3 classmate tomorrow around 7am ;) I can't fall as sleep tonight, too exciting! Pangkor trip for 3 days 2 night, havent start this trip I've already miss Klang. Lmao!

 I've just finished pack my things, what a big luggage. Feel like going a 1 week trip, heheeee ;D I bring on my big speaker somemore, lucky there are peoples promise to carry it. We gonna rock pangkor this 3days, hope that no ppl complain us huh! hahahaa :D
High-five for my nerd looks! First time post on my naked-face ;x
Dreaming right now, how it will be ;) Hope this trip will bring on all the good memorise for me. I'll forget all the sadness in this trip, throw all the stress there. XD I'll be back KLANG! Miss me more..heees*

Countdown 8hours more, its Pangkor day! Stay turned, I'll took more and more photos come back to blog again! Wait for my next post. seeyah!

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Cheras Halfway to Eurostar.

LOL. This title so funny..Wednesday night went Cheras pasar malam with my bestie Ferlyn. I got no money that time, cause didnt found any job. FML! Just accompany her go there for walk. There's so freaking full and hot! Traffic jam and Jalan jam..Haha ;D

She is a shoppaholic, bought two heels at there. I just can stand there and admire her! Hahaa. Because no money laa ! :x After that, we stop shop and sit back to the car. Back to sunway eurostar ;)

It's Wednesday, Ladies Night. But there are getting less and less people. Feel like so empty, big different with the Barcelona. Im still miss the feel when Barcelona still there. The night, there got Thailand singer come and perform for Eurostar. 3 Handsome and 2 Beauty. :D They do really sing well, but their english broken :x

Nice to meet the new manager, he is a active person. Better than those old manager. teee-heeees..and Dj.Jon :D Nice play !

Nowdays there are so many bitchies appear! Bitchies was like zombies all around us, we gotta fight till the end. Because this is the world human lives. I got alot friends, but there just only one who know me well. If someday, she betray me, I've got no idea to get mad on her..because she's my bestie at past, the one I can share out all my feels. People comes around goes around. This is the reality world, we need to face it. ;)

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