Outings w/hub.

Hell yeah, its Vill again! I know there's nobody gonna miss me ;/ Alright, back to topic. Its a love story here, I know its bored to read my love story, but I just can't get enough for sharing my happiness! hehees..Okay, I've been hanging out everyday with the honey these days. There's no free time for blog and friends. oops, sorry guys ;/ Date me again please!

Ohya, I went movie with Mr.Nick today, its Green Lantern! I guess most of you guys watched it right? I give a big thumbs up :D I'm not a comicholic, but my boyfie do. Lol. I still like it, and I saw Serena Venderwoodso, she's damn gorgeous seriously. *admiringg*

After movie, baby take some shoot for me again. Thanks him, because I've got lots of pretty pics now on facebook! *weeeeeee*
Here's a small one taken by a friend yst. I love it, and I kept it on my purse everyday for keep my love always with me. *hearts* Btw, happy 27th day hubby, I'll always there for you when you need me. *no lies* Sorry for being stubborn, but you know I love you isn't it? :)

Peeps, I gotta sleep now, there's school tmrw, night universal!


Spring Garden Tropicana.

Went to Spring Garden Restaurant @ Tropicana Damansara yesterday night for join baby's friend's wedding dinner. First time went there, the place is really nice view and the wedding's quite grand. We're not really close to the bride that's why don't have their pictures here, too bad! :/

The Red Wine with Beryl's Chocolate, best match. ♥
Damn love this picture, capture by the hubby boy. hehe.. my hands! :D
The lights in the hall. Isn't it looks nice huh? The photographer's Vill Ngiam. hehee

The outif of yesterday: Did I looks nice here? Feel like the dress is so long. LOL.

The hubby with me, like so finally we have a close up picture :D Sweet right? hehe :) Love like there's no tomorrow! Lmao.

Btw, I'm just gonna wish the bride and groom happy marry, nice wedding! Forever love I wish my love can last long too, heees :)


Love on the Beach.

Oh yeah, the last saturday during holiday I went to Sepang's Bagan Lalang Beach for the vacation. The very first time I went beach with my hubbyboy. Feels like love's in the air! :D

Thanks to my only man, he's good in shooting :) Made me a nice profile picture. heh! Here's some true words came out from my heart. I just wanna tell everyone, this is real, ain't puppy love :) I love my hubby more than he do! I had a happy holiday with the boyfriend.

Btw, happy 14 days honey. There's still a lot first time we havent go through. Long way to go honey, I love you

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A New June.

Like so finally I'm blogging again. Sorry peeps, I'm busy working, dating and travelling now days. heh :) It's a different and good June for me. May its so finally passed away, because I feel that May really hate me. There's too many bad things happen in May, I'm suffered!

Btw, I'm in relationship with someone, that's not the one I posted previously. I really like this guy, his name is Nic, Nicholas Mok :) Its so dissapointed I got no chances to take any pictures with him, because he always complaining about his self that doesn't looks nice can't take picture. Rofl! Anyway, if you're one of my facebook friend, you'll know who's Nick. Oh, did I mention that he's a blogger too, but he quited blogging long time ago :/ I wish he will back to blogging. Hehh :)
I'm writing this post in Starbucks now, accompany baby work. He's a part timer in Starbucks Aeon Bukit Tinggi. He made a different drinks for me that Starbucks menu didn't shown up. Yeayyy, it really taste good :D
Hey yeah, I'm still playing Churpchurp here. hehee :) I'm gonna get more earnings! Lol. Lame. I got nothing to do now, just simply posting. hahaha!

Oh ya! I went Secret Receipe just now. My babyboy intro me the Chocolate Indulge cake. It taste really good. Gosh..baby make me gaining fats! Rawr!

Alright, I'm gotta go for work now @ The Chapter Cafe Botanic. Feel free visit me :)