Guess Spec

Yesterday I just got this spectacle
love it shooo much
cause so nicee =)

Guess Spec ,
but so expensive
the original prices is Rm 6xx ,
after 55% discount , I got a better prices - Rm 375
but added that glass also nid Rm 500 like that.
Omgosh , mum give a black face to me :x

hahaaha .
sorry luu , mummy .__.
cause I need a nice spec mah .
don't want a NERD spec 
teeheee xD

Tomorrow don't need go to school !
so no need exam tomorrow.
today just finish my maths exam ,
see my books !
feel can breath already =D
more 2 days exam , after exam no eyes to see my result x.x


Today so free and boring ,
soo I'd taken alot snapshot :)
so long didn't take my own snapshot d
still have alot haven't upload today ,
keep till next post just put luu .
haha . feel free leave a comment to me.

Yumiko Py 



yupe , as you know .


Few months Im being his imperfect girlfriend 
Sorry Bii , I always didn't accompany you .
But I know you still me deeply right ?  :)

Start from next monday is mua school exam week
seriously , I had just study a few words only
The first day exam Chinesse , for chinesse private school ,
this subject was the most important.
but don't know I can pass or not ?
Pmr this year , and Uec
teacher keep teaching new things , less revision at all
a stress year , hope this year will be nice to me.
I don't want fail , I don't want see everybody show dissapointed faces to me.
I promise , I will try all my best = )

Thanks for babes and Bii 's accompany me , when Im down with stress.

It's time to sleep , tomorrow morning going jogging with family.
Im still in keep fit process - ing
laugh* laugh*

You leave me breathless ._.


Eurostar ♥

Having a ♥ly night at Eurostar Saturday
and I met Xian :D
first time talk to her like that,
abit paiseh .
I went with my babyboy,
and alot friends.
met alot long time dint meet's friends there
yesterday I drink alot , more then the past I drink
Chivas . lols
but I haven't drunk ,
the most clear is me between us.
they all mabuk like WTF
keep talking nonsense , feel like wanna slap them
hahaa , and the driver drive so fast.
sit his car like throwing the life out.
suak , forget it O.O

and yesterday I with Blue stand soo high on the club
infront the dj's stage , Hahaa
dancing there
Woww ' all guys under us
we're the winner xD

after that , we bck to sleep early
dint yamcha with wugui.
I miss her :x
excited for next club ,
maybe next week ? Maison or Eurostar ?

I miss my babyboy too.
I him soo much then those ex
BLEK. bite your lips

hmmm ' I don't feel anythings to blog nowadays
all post like talking club.
cause I dint went anywhere
sorry about that :(


I Can't Breathe

My mood is keep going down
unstoptable problems make me moody
my face looks like normal , but my heart was so emo.

'The End Of WORLD'
daily tears , friends gone
please caring my mood kay ,
you're not allowed in this problems , dun simply criticize others
it's complicated
you're too over nervous
every words you criticize him , im feel like heart breaking
I can't breathe ._.

I don't wan to argue with you , cause you're still my friend
the problem we're thinking how to solve
be patience kay ?

sorry Baby boy , I can't stay beside you
I hope I can , take care yourself lerh
don't cry BB :)