Holiday Coming ♥

Just finished all my exam papers :D
I think my result not bad ,
Just think only ,
Havent get .__.

Holiday coming soon .
Im so exciting hang out with superman and friends .
Im going barbeque ,
And I plan to watch alot movies during this holiday !
Everyday cinema ;)

I'd no stressful right now ,

I miss superman so much .
Few weeks we din't meet up already .
I need his warm-hug
Superman say wan buy me a teddy-bear soon .
Yeaaay ! 
I want put it beside my bed ,

Ohh-no ! I haven't done all my folio :(
Sejarah , Geography and Kh .
Arghhhh !


520 ♥ .

20th May 2010

Today is a lovely day .
I would like to say this to all my friends .
Thanks for living in my life.
Im so happy to meet you all :D

Next is Superman .
Thankyou , thanks for keep loving me and forgive me .
You will always be on my mind
Mmwarrks !

Im during exam week ,
Hope soon reach holiday .
I want hang out with babes and superman :)
Barbeque night , Im waiting for it .
 Jiayous for myself


9O21O ♥

Few days were soo bored !
I only keep sitting infront mua pc,
And keep chasing this drama , although this week is exam week .
It's 9O21O

A nice soap opera about teenagers lifestyle .
 the three hottiest !
I love this drama soo much
 I love her she looks Megan Foxx !
Im introducing this drama for you , fellows :D
Have a view from PPS or anywhere !

And here to show my draw !
I put all my hearts to draw this and colour :)
Hope he like this


Old Town with Dar ♥

Hmmmm .
A breakfast with darling
Old Town .

I'd got my fav Cheese & Ham Polo Bun .
 It was delicious !
Everytime I went old town ,
I sure order that :D
And my Xi Mut Tea .

And my Superman ordered his fav Pepsi and a Nasi Lemak .
The nasi lemak taste good too .
Especially the chicken ,
 Wooo ! I keep eat his chicken .
Haha , soon Im his Fat Loupo jor :x

Just want to say ,
Nothing gonna change my for you .
You're always in my mind :)


Babes Gathering ♥

Tuesday night ,
with mua all babes gather
@ Fairies Cafe
@ Station 1 Cafe

All babes there ,
Cherrie , Wendy , Yuki , Cerises , Yuki , Baozai , Bryan and some else.
soo long time we didn't gather together.
but this time gather , maybe next time no chance already,
cause all busy on work and study.
next week ,
babe cherrie going Damansara for study
sunday only back , so less chance to meet her d :x
I will miss her soo much
Excited for next babes gathering again !


Micol Babe ♥

5th May

A special day for you
Micol Babe

Happy Birthday To YOU !
you're soo Gorgeous 
im your No.1 fans forever :)

Next time got chance meet , must give you a hug !
Teeeheeeee :D

SMILE everysecond my dear ,
Hearts Micol


Dream Car ♥

Mua Dream Car

if before 22 years old I can get a car like this is enough for my life.
I know it's impossible !

just share some dream car here .
2.Porsche Carrera
3.Honda FC
4.Nissan Fairlady Z

soo nice right ?
my salivar is getting drop :x
dream car , you're so far with me 
I want you ! come to mama ♥

stop dreaming -.-


Another Saturday ♥

Another Saturday

Yesterday hang out with Baobeii Py
we went there for movie only :D
Aeon full of humanity !

walk also hard ,
all movie full slot
Omg ,
lucky let us bought dou IP MAN 2
we still worry no slot
but our slot is last slot d

this movie damn nice
but painful and gam dong ._.

after that , night I go Fairies yamcha
with 3 friends , but they back home earlier
soo im alone :x
lucky Laser accompany me ,
but he still busy being her bartender

Enjoy the band singing :)
nicee , im lovin it
I'll always be there every saturday night
Meet Me There !