Cherish the love who gave.

So many accident happen on those people around us.
they left , without telling
everyday , maybe u or mine families will gone,
we don't know what is the next happen
but , we just can cherish the love they given :)

Hope that , everyone can being more stronger from the past
don't wait untill they left only you regret
we need to be more stronger, because this world is too reality
God love us , but god treat us unfair sometimes

Love those people who care me
appreciate your love my dear



Im writing this post for you , BITCH
the only you !
you should feel proud

What do you want from me ?
why you keep on spamming me ?
summore scold till my mum jor ?
what-the-hell you want ?

Im so rude , goshh
dun use yaya this name spamming mua blog
that's my babe's name !
you just memperxiasuikan her.
rubbish , get lost here.



Sobber .__.

Im A Sobber Now

Feel soo moody,
cause everyday we argue because of a small things.
argue hurts me lot,
before im a happie person ,
now days I'd become a Emo !
how to do just can solve this relation ?
teach me.

everyday boring at home ,
want to meet u up also hard 
you know , I M Y  so B A D L Y

Raiinbow & Jench <3

god bless us , earth care us :)
I don't want 2012 will be the end of world.


She's Perfect !

She's so perfect !
I love her soo much ♥
 and her voice soo pretty.

Share her song here with all of you :)

I like both songs .
meaningfull , and make me Heartbreaking ♥



Our loves never end up !

17th April ,
went Eurostar once again.
but , this time was totally different .
 first time , went in and just sit there get some drink with babe .
and this is the first time I try so hard just get inside
stupid bauncer , hope you get fire soon ~
your words like bullshit !

I went just for meet my babe ,
don't blame me oowhs
I know I had promise that wont go clubs in 1-3 months
ps :D

Share some photos here
 Ferlyn and Cj

 Hohohooo .
so less blogging now , anyone miss my post ?
hmmm , Im here to tell those faker and spammer that ,
you just doing some childish works for wasting our's time.
my looks how non of your business right ?
I wont getting embarass for my looks ,
I just worry bout you , did you already get embarassed for your action ? 





Im change at all right now.
cause im renew again ♥
suprise huh ?
going to being more mature on looks and thinking.

I love this feel when take those pictures.

and Im quiting clubs now.
maybe half years or 3 months later I'll go for once
I decided to change ,
for my own and those buddies , families who loves me :)
appreciate it

Sorry , Ferlyn 
that I can't be your dance partner in the club anymore
enjoy in the clubs.
I will miss all the Deejays and Bauncer there.