Last Coco Banana @ Sunway

Last time went Coco i think.
cause next time we sure go Eurostar jor.
yesterday went Coco again
this time so special ,
because we 3 sista gather together go club
Me , Jenri , Blue
and without any guys, just 3 of us.
dint try b4.

a simple nite again ,
at thr met friends , and new friends.
after finish club,
back Eng Ann yamcha , 20 + ppl yamcha together.
Omgeee '
most noisy sure us jor d.

Opera got fight yesterday ,
so many polices :D
finished my simple post
tomorrow school again ,
I go do my homework sin
and the best luck for blue in your make up competition
chiaoz '

I love you BB aka Py


♥ Big Apple

I eat sugars food , but I scare fat :(

just now sis went Aeon bought alot Big Apple Donuts.
sooo delicious
see the cover , my salivar already drop :x

share some photos here ,
i ate a donut , left half , hahaa*

im too boring
just update my bloggie don't let it be dead

Stick with U

Introduce a nice song :D
sang by Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu

I must stickwitu Babe ~

Nobody gonna love me better ,
I'ma stick with you forever ;
Nobody gonna take me higher ,
I'ma stick with you ;

You know how to appreciate me ,
I'ma stick with you My Baby ;
Nobody ever made me feel this way ,
I'ma Stick with you ~


Station 1

Yesterday Night , my sis's friend from Puchong date us yamcha
at Station 1.
The guy name Alfred , we call him Yean Sin
they met on FB , LOL

actually I just go there for my dinner,
but become yamcha
I still call Steven and his friend Xi Jie come out met XD
cause my sis talking with friend , I had ntg to do

my sis's Lychee ( i think )
mine Fish and Chip
the guy :D

about 11 pm I back home
soo boring.
and today , I went school , about 10 am I went home = =
because im sick ! arghh
very pek cek , mum still bring me go clinic ,
cause need MC .
my Pill o.o
I wanna recover today! my voice has gone :(


End of CNY

Last Saturday , went snooker and coco again :D
I think this is the last out of February ,
cause March going to exam.
stress again , Lols

snooker was so fun ,
im training that game :x
but im still noobie
that day at snooker met ah seng , blue's Bf and some idk's ppl
we see they play , pro what
after that me with wugui just start train
hahaa , we play dint follow the rules and regulations
just play XD

untill night ,
I went blue's house and prepared for Club
his father bring us go Bukit Tinggi eat vegetarian.
im so fulled.
then we back , yk come and fetch us go Coco
that night , I met alot old friends
Ah Jon also thr with his frens , they just being 'vase' at the club
hahaaa , they don't moved geh :x
and met YangYang , Siu Meng

me with blue went there for find that Deejay - Cj
Deejay Cj
Deejay Eric
at last , he kiss our hand.
haha , it's so proud . LOL
he's going Eurostar for work.
we support Eurostar ' the club is opening soon
excited club at thr next time. :)
2nd day , after we wake up about 11 am ,
in the Steven's car :D
we have a breakfast/lunch with steven
in d'a Old Town
I love the Ham & Cheese Polobun

Cny just finished , so fast
school life again :(


Happy Valentines Baby Boy.

yesterday was a wonderful valentines I ever had :)
I love you soo much.

this post less picture
because I din't took any picture :(

let's talk about yesterday - valentines day
about 6 pm , met Babyboy at Aeon
cinema was fulled like hell
alot couple went aeon for movie yesterday.
I met alot friends too , especially Mikiyo muimui :D ( she's cute )
let her saw dou my babyboy :x

we watched 2 movie yesterday,
alot movie fulled , so we watched this
first movie is - True Legend ( 8.00pm )
inside got Jaychou , but he's acting a calefe '
finished movie we walk around , then ntg to do ,
about 12 am , we just decide to watch another movie
we watched this - Valentines Day
both movie quite nice luu
especially Valentine's Day
because the day was 14/02
nicee . hahaa
about 2.15 am we just back ,
Lol , 1st time hang out with bf till midnight for watching a movie o.o

met my babyboy im so happie
love to hug him and kiss him XD
those girls don't hit me , I know alot girls like him
but , he's mine

we gotta meet soon ,
maybe it's tomorrow
tomorrow wanna went Aeon for movie again
days keep out Aeon , bored weih.
I wan't meet my babes and Baby Boy !
love yah , I've got a lovely Valentines
hope you too !


Happie Valentines New Year

More 2 Hours , Chinesse New Year is coming !
it also all of the couple loves ,
Valentines Day.

a be-earlier wishes to all of my friends,
have a nice CNY ,
when you all get the Angpau must share with me weih :D
wish you all enjoy your Holidays
and , wish all the single person will found your beloved during Valentines
and start your endless love :)

I've founded ,
hope he will be my best man.
Trust me , I'll be a good girlfriend for you , my Baby Boy.
sometimes I do somethings without your feel,
thanks for consider me.
I wanna prove it that I love you much then others
but I've no idea what to do x.x

Happie Valentines ,
hope tomorrow will be a nice day ,
i'm so excited to meet you Baby boy
and Happie CNY too,
wish you healthy and safety everyday.
Mwarks '

Buaiix ~
Have a Nice Day !
thats tonight will be a good good night :)


2010 Wishlist :)

I wan't , I wanted YOU !

Apple I-Phone 3gs Red.

Sony VAIO Red.
I want them.
most I want a Iphone only.
but it's expensive for me -.-'
a expensive wishlist.

I want my purse full of RM 100 !
gonna work

Valentines Day countdown 2 days,
how was your valentine's celebration?
morning I hang out with family ,
but at night , I gotta hang out with my Babe !


A Post for Mua Only Man.

To: Mua' Man , Py.

Hye Babe :)
I'm writing this post it's just for You.
it's not really suprise right ? :x
I wanna write a poem for you ,
but it's hard , because my essay poor .

I've been on this Earth already 15 years,
I've never met a cute guy like you.
you're soo Unique.
I love the way u treat me ,
I love that you always caring and keep accompany me
although that you're really tired
you make me smile ,
make me admire , jealous on you ,
make me can't stop to miss you everysecond !

I miss you Babe'

I hope that , we can walk along the long roads together forever,
I love to stick with you , like a Superglue ,
because I can't live without you.
if I forget to tell you I Love You ,
I hope that you will remember the love that we both share.
if I forget to tell you that forever is what I want,
I hope you will remember that forever is what we have got.
whether I say these words to you, or wait until you are here with me,
I will show you this forever, and these words will have no need.

I want you stay in my life ,
how much you mean to me , it's an unknow variable.
you're unique for me.

Babe , love you i'm really happy :)
我最幸福的事 是因为有你的存在 一直陪伴着我

From your beloved : Yumiko ,                       
the onlyone just for you.


Day Out with Sis

Yesterday went Aeon with sister.
she wanna buy some new clothes for Cny
summore we feel like wanna watch a movie ,
because long time dint went cinema jor :x

we watched this !
Woo-hoo :)
cinema was quite fulled , so many people waiting.
this movie alot funny part , but it's not really funny till can make all of us laugh out.
but it's a improve of malaysia movie

before and after the movie ,
sis bought some clothes
quite expensive
this from VSG
and some clothes I dint took up the picture :x
then we went Mcd for a rest, because our leg is getting pain.

skip -

yesterday night was a nightmare ,
Stupid DIGI !
all service line down , arghhh
make me lost in Aeon for finding sister.
the phone keep cant call cant message anythings.
at last I met my brother and his Gf .
It's so Lucky , then we walk back home together ,
but my leg fucking pain , still wearing a heels run here there -.-

DIGI make problems
but we still need it.
hope don't get twice , it will make me more miss someone.
hahaaa , can't message with him is torturing my HEART :(
and yesterday saw Wendy babe !
she'd chg alot , become a mature woman jor :D
hope she with her Bf stay forever.
I miss my old Babes alot , long time dint met them d
hope somedays can hang out again.