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Taipei Taipei

Feel like everytime I'm starting to blog I'll make an apologize because not updating frequently, I wish to update everytime but there's nothing to blog about. *slap me on my face*

Alright, the holiday started few days ago and Happy Merdeka, Happy Raya! *hooray* but not everyone having holiday, although is a public holiday. So, I went to this place to chill myself out and also countdown for Merdeka. I should be in Genting yesterday, but its too late when everyone's free to go.

Here it is, Taipei Taipei.
Taipei Taipei's also available in Subang Avenue, its a modern cuisine, tea house and also music lounge. The very first time I went, the environment quite nice, I'm enjoy with it. Its all free flow at the early hours for the music lounge.
There's ground floor and also first floor. Its a restaurant for the ground and the lounge at the first floor. The design feels like I'm in a Taipei restaurant.
Btw, they did serve beer, whisky and cocktail. I love the cocktail, taste nice :D

Taipei Taipei
Subang Avenue Shopping Center,
Lot SG-06, Persiaran Kemajuan SS16,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-5635 6388
Business Hour: 11Am - 2AM

Pay them a visit? :) Ohya, they do have a facebook page, you can make your reservation there.

That's all for my blog today, enjoy!


1st Photoshooting ♥

Hello people :) Sorry for not keep updating this dead blog. Okay, so I went photoshoot last saturday, its my first shooting, and the photographer was my boyfriend. I'm really appreciate and feel thankful to my boy, he made me a new profile picture that I really in love with ♥

We took all these pictures at Sunway Fullhouse and ZenQ.

That's all, make me some comment about these pictures :) Ohyah, and also Happy 2 months, 3days anniversary to my babyboy. I love you more than you do!


Japanese Cuisine.

Hello people over there! I'm back here to blog about japanese cuisine that I had last saturday. This is the Japanese restaurant that I went, near Stadium Klang, Sunny Hotel. Funa Zushi Japanese Restaurant. I never been here before, its the very first time having sushi with the boyfie.

You can see that inside there, their environment is really japanese style.

Let's intro those japanese cuisine that I ate. I mostly forgotten their name. The only one I remember is 'Ika', its a kind of sushi like this.
Looking at these pictures, do you feel hungry and craving for japanese food right now? I miss those food really, but after finished I feel damn full and its not cheap actually. LOL

See the chef's making sushi for us! Looks so proffesional :p
I guess its the salmon fish! Yummm-yummmy...

Last, the hubby took a picture with the restaurant. He looks gay-ish here, lmao! He's showing the satisfied face and the big tummy! *devil laugh*

And yaaa, the post end right here. Its a short post, and I got nothing to write bout. Just wanna share some nice cuisine here with my bloggers :) Stay turned!


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