19th June's Canteen Day!

Its coming..coming..coming soooon! My school, Hin Hua High School's Canteen Day is dropped on the 19th of the June two-thousand-eleven. And I'm here to promoting this event! Have you guys get the tickets/coupon? Don't miss up the chance to have fun here, because we didn't held canteen day every year! There's more and more delicious foods and games on the day. I'm there serving everyone, at the S1ACI vendor stall. Hurry up! Get you coupons now from me (: Each coupon cost Rm 10, I left RM 150 only, early birds get worms. hehhh ;p

Date: 19th of June 2011
Time: 8a.m. - 2p.m.
Place: School Premises
Address: 141, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, 41200 Klang, Selangor D.E. Malaysia.
Fyi kindly visit our school webbie. http://www.hinhua.edu.my

Ps: Our school's now executing 'Recycle Event' , kindly bring on yours shopping bags, because plastic bags are not provided and not allowed to appear in the school (:

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Mua Cosmetics.

I feel boring to the max! My mind stop working because I didn't use it. Lol.. I was thinking to have a make-up tutorial, but I'm freaking lazy plus my camera don't really nice in zoom capture. :( So, I'll just show everyone mua cosmetics. :)
So did you guys curious about what cosmetics I'm using? ;p I'm gonna show up all of my cosmetics, look down! Exciting?! Hehh.. Let's get it started.

Here's my Cyber Colours Gey Eyeliner Black from Sasa.
This is my fav eye shadow by Mabelline. I love this set because there's brown and gold :p get it from Watson!
This is my Eye-lashes glue. I gotta give it a *thumbs up*! I've tried a lot eye-lashes glue before, but this is the best. Although its no brand? :) I just get it from Sg.Wang, a shop sell every cosmetics. Idk what name its.
Here's two different brush. The first one I bought from Sinma, at first I just test it, but I realise its nice. And the second one's from Sasa, its Canmake orange brush. I just apply some on my cheeks.
My fav BB Cream. Quite nice! Get it at Watson :) (its deep blue in colour)
The Magnum Volum Mabelline Mascara. Veryyy nicee! But mine's gonna finish, feel like getting another brown mascara soon ;)
I have only 2 make-up brushes. Because idk what brushes to get. hmmmmp, I think this 2 its enough for me! Big brushes for brush, small one for the eyeshadow.. Fml. I'm not that good in make-up.
 The Rimmel Dreamy Lipstick & The Kiss Me - Honey (My new stuffy, and I'm in love with it)

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Starbucks & Milk Bangsar!

I'm a super-duper Starbucks lover! Heeee :) I'm so in love to Chocolates Cream Chips.

I usually have my drinks one week once. This time, I went with the sister! hehh. She's starting to in love with it! We're crazy, keep on camwhore at the Starbucks. Everyone's there, seems like we're promoting the drinks. LOL
We're the sister! ;p
We love camwhoreeeeeeeee! *screammm* Lmfao.
I know she's prettier :( But, I'm taller! hahaha ( crazy - ing )
Of cause I'll not forget to get myself some new stuff! You know I hearts new stuff! (: I get myself a new accesories and a black flats. ( satisfying, but heartache because I've wasted again )


Its night, my Party mood's turning on. I can't force myself to stay at home. LOL I miss the feel in clubs! hahaa. So, I date them out to MilkClub @ Bangsar again! :D Junior, WeiHong, Ferlyn and Me! Another K-pop night. I saw peoples twit about, K-pop's Korean pop, aren't Klang pop. Feel so sarcastic! Hmmmmp. Forget bout it. ehhh ;p
 CAMWHORE AGAIN and AGAIN! We're the crazy bitchies! Lmfao!
Ps: Ignore my triple same face :p I got no idea what to pose! hahaha. Someone's acting cute and someone act like a Nerd! silly... speechless. x)
Jr's trying to grab my hair to become his mustache! Grrrr... Omfg
WeiHong said : Jr, I love you so much!
Junior said: Oh, really?! I'm so so shyyyyy!
hahahahaha! Don't kill me after you both saw this ;x

That's all. Another weekend past like this. :p My life's getting bored :( Without man, without friends.. blablabla..whatever. (: face it!

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Yours Truly.

Girl's talk!

Hey sister, I used to call you like this, but it doesn't seems well. I means, I used to call you as sister few years ago, but now we're just 'friend'. We used to stick together before, but now we're walking our own way. Today, I've just received a piece of paper wrote about yours true words in heart. I'm glad you're still concern about me (: I got your words girl.

Since last year, we're study in difference classes. You got your new friend, and some of the causes made me leave you alone. Sorry for leaving you, maybe because our mind keep changing. Feels like I'm keep climbing up, but I never stop to have a look back. Maybe different thinking? Sometimes I wonder why, why am I going so fast? What I've gained?

Sorry girl, for being strange. I'm glad to read your words, thanks for being my friend. Stay cheerful! I know you will, although you're being alone. Perhaps I know what am I doing and appreciating. And yeah, yours birthday's coming soon. What should I do? :( I know I'm always being a bad friend.

You know I loved you I miss both of us.

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My lousy edit :x

I'm busy nowdays, I'm just free on weekends. So busy, everything mess me up! Btw, I'll just calm myself down by having fun with friends and family. Each week I went club for once, and I went Maison last saturday. Maison's abit dissapointed me, maybe cause of wrong timing? I went with my sister for the first time. LOL I don't like the people inside there, hmmmmp! (forget bout it)

Okay, skipp! I've been busy for weeks cause of those crazy homework and those teachers. (Know what? They made me afraid of homeworks -.-) And, finally I'm free to blog now! hehhh :) I've got somethings to share here, few days ago I'm in relationship. But after 4 days I'm in relationship with single. Why are love so complicated? hahaa. Anyway, I'm fine..I don't want this relationship although he's rich. I felt so unreal like a perfect nightmare. So, I wish all the friends around me stay strong. Fight for love, don't ever cry for it, it don't deserve your tears. CHILL! Especially to bestie.

I've repeating this song for weeks! Lmao. Because this is really awesome :) Listen up!
All Time Low - The Wanted

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It's time to think about college life.

Yes, I'm senior 1 a.k.a form 4 right now. I'm starting to worry about my academic. I'm study in a chinese school, we study hard to get a Uec certificate, but is it works in Malaysia? Most of the college/university in m'sia only accept the spm result. sobs! I'm taking Spm too, but as well-know my bahasa malaysia's kinda poor. What if I failed the BM subject in spm? The certificate can straigh away throw in the rubbish bin :(

Last saturday, my school hold on the careers exhibition. I went and grab all the leaflets. (I'm like crazy :x haha) There's tons of college and university to choose. But, I can only choose college I guess. :D INTI, Taylors, Raffles, U.C.T.I, Sunway University/College, Berjaya University/College, MIA, Segi, The One Academy, Saito and etc.

Awww..I'm kinda interested with the jewellery design courses in Raffles. Here's most of the design college :)( Raffles, Saito, Dasein, The One Academy)

INTI, Sunway University/College, MIA, SEGI. (too bad, I didn't get any from Taylors. :| ) Segi college looks nice too, especially the Kota Damansara Campus.

And hell yeah, sure I'll grab some papers about Make-up or Hospitality :D

I'm thinking to be a flight attendant, but is it I'm qualified enough? Just check about some of the requirement and information about flight attendant. I must be speak in fluent english and bahasa malaysia in MAS Airline. But, how about SIA? And, I must know how to swim! (Omg, I didn't learn to swim before. ) And sure I pass the height, because the minimum height only 157cm, but I'm 170cm -.- haaahh :) Its a benefits for me maybe?

Arghh.. whatever. I might think too far. Stopp :) hehh.. Btw, follow me in twitter guys :p VillLicious


Kpop Night @ Milk Club Bangsar!

We rock the party yesterdat night! Cheeers*! Kpop event's happened @Milk Club Bangsar yesterday. We did enjoyed there. The first time I went to Milk although its beside Mist?! hahh :p Dj.Reeve and Dj.Voize's spinning all the Kpop songs mixed with club hitz! Its awesome :) GD TOP ! I'm lovin it !

 Junior Lee and Vill Ngiam's in da house! Let's rock this partayy :D ( ignore my chubby cheek! I seriously hate it soo soo much :( omfg )

The Drunktard Couple! *laugh laugh laugh* Ferlyn LA and Dj.Voize!

Hey sexy bitch :D Vill Ngiam w/ Ferlyn LA. We're still the best club partner all the way from Sunway to Bangsar! What's NEXT?! Watch out clubbers! Here we come :) (look at her face! As red as a berry. Lol! Drunktard! :p Btw, she gonna grab my necklace away :( because I got the as alike as his hubby necklace! Hah! No idea *run*)

Hi party peoples! Enjoy ya'll party ? :)

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