Blackberry Curve 8520 ♥

I need a new phone so much :(
I have been a long term dint change my phone.

Im in love with Blackberry Curve 8520.
Hope someone can get me this.
I really need a phone so freaking much .
My recently phone sucks like idk :x

When I can get this ?
I want Blackberry Curve 8520


Snapshot ♥

I snapshot !

When I was boring ,
I love to snapshot alot .
Few weeks , I got my boring weekends.
So during home , I got my snapshot.
Got a new profile pictures :)

I like to see my change from the past year till now.
I got big diffrent ,
All of my babes know that .
And I get my own fringe , cut by me.
Here to share my photos :D

Heheee .
I ♥ my camera much .
Hearts Olympus :)

Last , My Superman took this for me .
Now I only realize , he was a romantic guy.
Hearts him too :))

♥            ♥