Newyear New Stuff!

Fewdays more, it is 2011! Where to celebrate this coming year? Im waiting someone to invite me. ahaaa ;) So, lets back to the topic today. I've already bought my newyear clothes and accesories!
Top - Catchup
Pants - 2pm.com
Top - Asian Avenue
Pants - Nichii
Dress - Nichii
Top - Asian Avenue
Necklace - Forever 21
Gel Eye Liner - Cybercolour
Lipstick - Idk what brand is it ;)

Those new stuff I kinda like. hehee. Especially the new gel eyeliner, nice! How about you? Show me your newyear clothes! Just stop work at sunway, Imma prepare to reopen school. Ohhhmygosh, my haircolour D; Ciaoozz.

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Catchup ;)

Let's Catch up together! I currently working in Sunway Pyramid Catch up Boutique ;) Visit me as soon as you can, because im going quit this job at 28th. It's school reopening again! Arghhhh!

Share some photos here about my colleague..peace! I'll miss you all, especially Racheal.
She's Rachael..

Suddenly feel to blog somethings in this lonely midnight, going Christmas, everybody is talking about where to celeb this christmas. But I decide to back home, join my house first christmas celebration. Not going any clubs.. :) Hope ya have your own happy christmas.

Newyear, new dream, new boyfriend! Lol! erheeeemm ;D

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