Hitz ♥

This is a random post, im just feel to intro some hitz here ;) But not much, heheeee! Check this out! Those are my recently fav songs. Its nice!

1.This Girl - Laza Morgan

2.Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner

3.Got Your Back - T.I.

4.Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

5. Jay Sean - 2012 ( It Aint The End )

6. No Love - Eminem ft. lil.Wayne

7. My Own Step - Roscoe Dash ft. T-Pain

8. Like a G6 - Far East Movement

Heeeees..hmmmmm..I got nothing to post here, hope ya enjoy viewing my blog yeahh! ;)
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Wish List ♥.

I got alot wishlist, but don't know when can come true. Im gonna make a wishlist here, to remind me save money :D heeheeee!

The 1st is Blackberry Bold 9700.

Apple iPhone 3G.

2nd. Canon EOS 5D

3rd. MAC Brushes.

4th. LV Bag.

5th. Revlon Dual-Purpose Hair Iron.

6th. More Cash $ , to fill my purse.

7th. Also the last I want, PEACE,LOVE,HAPPINESS.
I hope my baby healthy and happy :)

I BABY, Im learning to appreciate you more. That's all! Thanks for catching my post, stay tured! :D
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Today was FRIDAY.

After 5km cross-country race, I feel so damn exhausted. Although I didn't run, at least I still walk through the race! Grats me ;-)

Mua's superman birthday just passed by, we haven't went out anywhere celebrate. Maybe going Genting with him alone. Feel so romantic and exciting! heeeees ;) Awwwwww! Btw, pmr trial exam coming next monday, But I got not enough preparedness. Just try my best there!

Tonight hang-out with my lovely sister and brother. We gonna watch PIRANHA 3D tonight! Excited, cause heard friends say that movie is awesome :D I'll share my comment next post, stay turned!

Sorry that, I've long time didn't update new post. Because Im lazy and don't know what to post here. Forgive me ;x

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