Tattoo! Sg.Wang!

Sorry for didn't update my blog. Cause I got nothing to post nowdays. Very boringgg! :(

Yes! I'm going to have my Virgin Tattoo tomorrow! Soo soo excited! I've been waiting this tattoo so long.. :D  Tmrw going sg.wang to have my tattoo. Feel nervous now, cause today I went to see my friend tattoo, she keep shouting very pain. Omgee ! Nvm, Although it is pain, I will still make this tattoo. Hehehe.

My tattoo's a simple wording. Just Believe ♥

So wait and see my tattoo yeah :) ♥


2011's To Get List

If you're following my blog, sure you know that every year I'll make my self a 'To Get List'. Lol! This name's funny. Last year I wish to get myself a BB, now I got it :D This year, I wish to get myself 3 thinggys! But the total cost isn't that cheap. :( So I must work on holiday only can I bought these all.

I want to get myself a wordings tattoo at first! :) I wish to get a tattoo since I'm fourteen. This wordings is adorable and simple. Heheee :)

Second, I need a clutch or maybe a handbag? No idea :) I'm searching for Longchamp's bag. It looks really nice. But maybe some of them didn't sold in M'sia yet. Sadcase! :( See this pretty bags!
This cost Rm 1k above. But so so nice! :) If I'm rich, sure I'll buy this. heees!
This 2 looks alike. I love this two colours. :) Cost Rm400-500. Urghh! I want it! Wishing.. :D

Lastly, here's a watch from Casio, Baby-G Metallic Red! It do looks sporty, but I like it :) It did attracted my eyesball. Lmaoo! Rm400+ if i'm not wrong :D

These is all I want for 2011. :) how about you? What's your 'To Get List'?


The Red Lips :)

Hey dudes, I've been at home nowadays. Feel bored here, but I'm soo soo lazy to blogging. I got nothing to blog. fml.. So I gone crazy with my cosmetics, I'm trying the new make-up. It really looks different after I changed my make up. Hmmmm.. but I still needa to improve my make up skills. Let's see, I tried the red lips today, the first trying. Omgg! I guess I did looks like malay in these pictures. Oh god, I hate my hair! and it is black in colour. sighh

Please make me some comment! ;)

I got a bad mood these days, I can't hang out with my friends. :( Staying home everyday, save money, save energy, and study! Fml! Going crazy..This is my suck life, screw it!

Music of the day :) This Is My Life - Edward Maya


The 16th Birthday ! ♥

It's my sixteen birthday! The birthday I'll never forget! You know what? I got 518 wishes! 3 biggest suprise that I never get. Although the pressie not much, but I'm still happy. My facebook fulled of wishes that day, I got five hundred wishes from all the friends and family. And, there's 3 biggest suprise get from my friends.
Let's talk about the first suprise by Ferlyn Leigh Ann, Siu Meng and Yaya Lee! Early in the afternoon, I get kidnaped to Puchong by them. I'm still guessing where they bring me to? what to do? After I went up there, I saw! It is a studio! A photoshoot studio. I was like OMG..soo nervous. 3 proffesional photographer standing infront of 3 of us, and start to choose what style suit us. After make-up, start shooting!
This's Yaya Lee & Ferlyn Leigh Ann's photos, mine haven't came out ! Excitinggggggg.. :D

The second suprise by Lim Yc, Canyo Lim, Black Hong, Lim Mac, Junior Lee, Jayson and Han. Hehee :D My birthday almost end that time, about 10 o'clock at Botanic Cafe, I'm the Mayor of B.c! Lol. They liee me! I'm so suprise, Ferlyn too. We get liee, cause we though they just hang out and yamcha to help me celeb my birthday, and I heard another group singing birthday song but not for me. Suddenly, a waitress holding a fruit cake came to my table. I get shocked! and I'm very happy just keep laughing and smiling. I get lie. ahaha. here's a video about yesterday. Made by Junior Lee.

Seriously, I do really love this video. Gonna save it. Thanks alot guys :)

And the third suprise by Jenri Neow, Jun Ren, Zhi Rong. While I reached home, I get shocked again! She stick the big poster infront my gate! Lol..When I saw I know sure is made by Jenri! I've receive so many suprise. At last I still receive another one. Haha. Thanks Jenri! and the pressie :)
Check this out, behind the scenes!

Here's some pressie. Not much, but its enough :) Thanks friends. Big thanks!

I'd like to thanks to all of the friends and family. hmmmmm.. I wish my 17th birthday as awesome as 16th Lovee yah, friends. Btw, Happy Chinese New Year!

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