Toy Story ♥

Toy Story 3
I watched it last saturday .
It's so touch and awesome :)

So hope to see Toy Story 4 coming up ,
But I think it wont have this chance .
Because , those toys not belong to Andy's anymore.

This story is talking about ,
Andy is growing up ,
He had to go for university ,
But he can't bring all the toys along , except Woodie.
So that , he think to keep them ,
But the toys get Andy's mum throw away with rubbish.
At last , the toys ran to the Sunnyside boxes ,
The way to the Kindergarden.
Then , they met alot new toys there .
But they get bully by them :x
Pity toys .
And Woodie save them ,
they get back home on time before Andy leaving ,
They get send to a cute lil girl name Bonnie.
A good master to take care them ,
Andy unwilling to give Woodie to the lil girl .
But , at last they seperate .

Soo touch right :)
Go cinema for this movie ,
then you'll know what im talking about .
Heeeeeees *

40 mins more it's July ,
That means , I've been together with my Baby 7 months.
He break my record . :D

Boy , I You So .


It's Your Day Mr.Ming ♥

Im here to wish you happy birthday Mr.Ming.
More 3 hours it's your big day , have fun anyway.
Maybe i'll attend your celebration tomorrow.
If din't attend , a big apologize for you.
As your old friend , I wish all the best for you ,
And stay cute , i know you always cute :D

Hope to hear that , you get the best gf soon .
Take care

23.06.10                                                                      I'll update about my Genting trip soon, stay turned :)


Babes Gather Station 1 ♥

Another babes gathering
But , I dint take alot pictures with all babes.
see this is Jenri :D

Last , saturday gather at Station 1.
8.30 pm , but all 10 somethings only come.
Cherrie , Jenri , Wendy , Yuki , Peipei , Vivian , Cerises
All of you present on that day , Hugggggg*
Just a normal meeting , yamcha together :D
But more than 15 peoples there .

Nothing to say about this post ,


It's Holiday ! ♥

Finally , it's holiday now.
Last saturday went Aeon with superman and met many babes there.
And I wasted alot money too ,
My purse left Rm 10 only :x

Movies , movies !
How long I dint went cinema for movies ?
 Saturday watched Prince of Persia and Nightmare on Elmstreet.
Lucky still got ticket , and they dint check my ic ;D

Before movies , went oldtown for brunch .
Too bad , don't have my favor bun , so eat others.
Then we left and go movies liaws.
Nightmare on Elmstreet , soo disgusting ,
I keep get shocked , cause the sound heards scary.
A nice thriller .
and Prince of Persia ,
also nice what , but I got nothing to say :x

Superman bought me a Teddy Bear !
His name is Small Py ♥.
Hugggg him everynight !

Night went Ferlyn's house , we went Eurostar together.
There's an event - Freedom360
a Dj came from U.S play the music that night.
Dj Chris Cuts and Dj Souljah.
His music so awesome.
Met alot clubs friends too.
Fun night ♥

 Holidays was fun but bored :(
Especially my purse during empty season .
Hope can go Genting net week !
Yeayyy !