Peace for April ♥

Do you miss me? *evil smile* I'm here to blog again, just done my mid-semester exams yesterday. Soo tiring of exams, but I still needa to go on. :( *sighhhh* And yes! My elder's cousin married, and I'm with my families went her wedding dinner yesterday night. Congrats cousin, but so sad, she's too shy, don't let us to took a photos. I missed it ! *iissshhhh! Here's some pictures bout yesterday :) And let's peace for April dudes, pray hard for everyone, I don't want more disaster! :p

I shorten my damn long hair! Awwww.. I miss my long hair! Please grow faster :x

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Be The 'Most Wanted' !

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Mua Tattoo :) ' Believe ♥ '

Yes! I did my tattoo already. Sunday afternoon, I went Sg.Wang with babes. I went for get mua tattoo, and Ferlyn go for touch up her tattoo! Hmmmm.. I was very nervous and scare, cause feel really pain while watching others tattoo. But, at last I still get mine at Bloody Ink @ Sg.Wang 2nd Floor. :))

The guy who working in Bloody Ink help me draw out the words I wanna tattoo. His drawing was awesome! *admiring.
Going to start! D:

I didn't took much of picture that day, because I was rushing to go out, forget bring on my camera, summore BB low battery! Sobs :( You guys sure curious bout why I'll tattoo this wording. 'Believe' is the perfect words I feel, you can choose to believe, or maybe lie. The choices is depends on what you choose. :D I have only these pictures, hope ya enjoy.


That's all! Now I can cross out one of the wishlist this year :D! Tattoo! Succeed.. Do you like my tattoo? Make me some comment guys :) Btw, I've changed my name from Yumiko to Vill :) Get to used ya.