Sunway Life!

Lol! This title is funny. I've got no idea to put what title for this post, just took alot pictures at Sunway and bought alot thing from there. ROFL. Nowdays, I keep checked in Sunway Pyramid, I'm afraid of it seriously. Daily sunway, feel so effing boring! Except clubs is tea-session. Wednesday night aka LMFAO's night, I didn't went MOS. Sobs..But went Station One. Everyone's doing own things, the males is playing the lappy, and the females is shooting and BB-ing. :D
 ROFL! Someone's yongsuii face + mushroom head. OMG!

And, the Thaipusam day, all of us went Sunway again! This time we go shop about 3o'clock afternoon. We're shoppaholics! Even guys too. After shops, around 6 o'clock we went Starbucks for chill and chats.
We're the Twins!

I bought somethings on that day :D
The Sexy-Red Cover I bought for my Sexy BB! It's not really unique, but I love the colour! Cost Rm68.
The LIESE's products. I finally bought the cocktail. And I had dye my hair, but it seems like still the same jet-black! Wtf?

Btw, I'd like to introduce my Graphic Design's stationery. I just got it today! Happy! But seriously I don't really know how to design, and the Markers is really hard to use. D;
The Layout-Pad and The Yoken Markers. <3

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