Sunway Baby!

You ain't my crossruff. I do looks like pornstar or rockstar? Lol!
Saturday evening I went to Sunway. That day I keep rushing my time, so that after visit my dentist I only go for Sunway Pyramid. Lucky there's a good driver fetch me to Sunway..If not Im going bored untill die at home! :-D Here's my driver and his malay handsome buddy! Btw, nice to hang out with you both. And nice and first try for me on Shisha! Wooowww!
Billy The Driver.
The Malay Handsome Guy. Idk what his name, because I forgot to ask. ooppss
Reaching sunway, saw alot hot chicks! Lol..Than Mr.Driver and his friend walk their own. I went and find Ferlyn while she's during her working time, conveniently interview job there. After wait ferlyn for hours, I feel bored then went Canai Cafe @ Subang with the Driver and Friend.
Ferlyn while she's working.
Me and Billy.
There's Shisha! @Canai Cafe
We went Shisha. Obviously and honestly, It is my first try for Shisha. It looks great, but I don't really know how to shisha! hahaha. Just try! Lol. Finished shisha only 9.30pm, then we went Asia Cafe's Pool. To wait for Miss.Ferlyn finished work. I don't know how to play pool, I just keep on misscue. Fml..Around 10.30pm, the driver's friend fetch us till Damansara untill sesat..Made me get scold and moody. Luckly, at last we back till Sunway about 11 somethings.
Lim Yc aka Lim Yak Si
Junior Lee aka Stressman
Chityap aka Shawty :D
Then join friends get in. Party with Ferlyn, Yc, Junior, ChitYap and more. Full of kwang hua student that night..Cause they just graduated. Lol..First time saw Junior show his dance on the dancefloor quite pro. :D
Met alot pervert that night also, stupid fellows. Thanks to my partner Yc, accompany me dance and chill etc. I'd another enjoyable club night ;-D

It's another party night, I got more and more party to go ;-) Enjoy holidays! Stay turned!
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