Japanese Cuisine.

Hello people over there! I'm back here to blog about japanese cuisine that I had last saturday. This is the Japanese restaurant that I went, near Stadium Klang, Sunny Hotel. Funa Zushi Japanese Restaurant. I never been here before, its the very first time having sushi with the boyfie.

You can see that inside there, their environment is really japanese style.

Let's intro those japanese cuisine that I ate. I mostly forgotten their name. The only one I remember is 'Ika', its a kind of sushi like this.
Looking at these pictures, do you feel hungry and craving for japanese food right now? I miss those food really, but after finished I feel damn full and its not cheap actually. LOL

See the chef's making sushi for us! Looks so proffesional :p
I guess its the salmon fish! Yummm-yummmy...

Last, the hubby took a picture with the restaurant. He looks gay-ish here, lmao! He's showing the satisfied face and the big tummy! *devil laugh*

And yaaa, the post end right here. Its a short post, and I got nothing to write bout. Just wanna share some nice cuisine here with my bloggers :) Stay turned!

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